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- This is a blog about books and the things you sometimes find inside of them -

Found by nicetea at the fleamarket in Bremen. It´s an extra ticket for the express train, dated 1986. Well, almost the best date for making it a bookmark inside of a science fiction novel.

Bought at the fleamarkterin Bremen. On the frontpage are notes on some chapters of the book.

Found by Insa P. at the fleamarket in Bremen.

Found at the fleamarket in Bremen

Found at an antiquarian bookstore in Bremen. One of the cheapest postcards I´ve ever seen. Starting “Hello mother…”.

Found at an antiquarian bookstore in Bremen

Bought at an antiquarian/used bookstore - inside was an newspaper article about the new translation of “le rouge et le noir”

Bought on ebay some time ago - inside of it I found a bookmark from London.

Ernst Jünger - Jahre der Okkupation

A very beautiful edition from the nineteen-fifties. Inside is a card from the publishing house. During the years the card has colored the following pages brown.

It´s a book about the german painter and writer Alfred Kubin. I bought it at the fleamarket and found a lot of articles about Kubin and his work on the inside.